Decke Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets are made from quality internationally certified steel. Our box gutter brackets are available via quality distributors. Please see our contact details for phone nos. and availability.

Here’s a link to Decke’s Facebook page for latest updates.

The brackets are certified for use in Australia and New Zealand and conform to the following rigorous standards. Our brackets go through a rigorous test to satisfy the following Australian standards.

• AS 1170.0 Structural design actions – General principles
• AS 1170.1 Permanent, Imposed and Other Actions
• AS 1170.2 Structural Design Actions – Wind Actions
• AS 2179.1 Specifications for Rainwater Goods Accessories and Fasteners –
Metal Shape
• AS 3500.3 Plumbing and Drainage – Storm water Drainage
• AS 4600 Cold Formed Steel Structures
Ask your supplier their brackets satisfy these test requirements.

About us: We are an Australian family and we own our manufacturing facilities so you get the same Australian quality. All our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 certified so you can be sure of the quality.

Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets Standards

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